Why do we collect data in ABA?

Why do we collect data in ABA?

Data collection is important in the field of ABA to analyze the effects of behavior intervention plans and skill acquisition goals (goals aimed to help children gain new skills).  Data analysis takes place during baseline, during treatment, and after treatment takes place. Data is the decision guide used to assist in minimizing mistakes.  This may involve deciding to continue an effective treatment and deciding when to discontinue an ineffective treatment.  

Types of data collection involve continuous measurements (event recording of frequency), timing (duration, how long it takes a child to respond), and discontinuous measurements (partial interval recording and momentary time sampling). 

When it is time to create a plan to decrease a behavior, there must also be a plan on teaching a replacement behavior to increase. This is also tracked by data.  This data may include continuous measurements, event recording, timing, and discontinuous measurements.

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Overall, data is used to make sure that ABA therapists choose effective treatments and measure how a child is responding to them over time.  It is part of the ethical, evidence-based practice that ABA is!

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