Children and Feeding Difficulties.

Children and Feeding Difficulties.

There are many different types of pediatric feeding disorders, including those that are associated with medical difficulties, nutrition difficulties, feeding skill difficulties, and psychosocial difficulties.  It is estimated that nearly 50 percent of children today can be classified as “picky eaters”, meaning that they reject food types and groups that are necessary to maintaining a balanced diet.  


Children who are on the Autism Spectrum are 5 times more likely to develop a pediatric feeding disorder than children who are typically developing.  These feeding disorders in the ASD population are most commonly caused by a limited food repertoire, poor oral motor skills, and oral sensory aversions.  It is no secret that feeding difficulties with a child have a large impact on the overall experience of mealtime for children at home with their families as well as when with their peers at daycare or school.  Picky eating can seem like a never ending cycle of struggle for parents and there are not always resources readily available to help parents figure out what to do.  A highly skilled feeding therapist can be an occupational therapist or speech language pathologist who has specifically trained and studied in this field.  There are many options of treatment interventions and a skilled professional will know just the right approach for your child’s needs.  


Are you struggling with your child’s feeding and eating difficulties?  If you are concerned about your child’s picky eating, self-feeding, or chewing and swallowing during eating, Sallyz may be able to help!


If you are interested call our center at 860-788-5515 and say that you are interested in a feeding evaluation, or complete our intake form here: forms – CentralReach

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