Interdisciplinary Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Interdisciplinary Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder

An interdisciplinary approach is a comprehensive “teamwork” approach involving many specialists representing their areas of expertise to deliver the best quality healthcare to their patients.  

In the world of Autism Spectrum Disorder, common members of the healthcare “team” include developmental pediatricians, special education teachers, ABA therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, psychologists and family therapists, and more!  For a child on the spectrum, the benefits to a large, interdisciplinary team are endless.  Being able to identify a child’s areas of strengths and areas of need from many different “angles” and specialties often sets up a child for more effective treatment and participation in everyday activities in the long run.  

Sallyz is able to offer both ABA services as well as Occupational Therapy services on site at the center, providing a unique opportunity for collaborative care.  ABA and Occupational Therapy exhibit a strong compatibility in principles and practices, and it has been found that the two have the ability to work together synergistically.  Please give us a call at (860) 788-5515 if you have any interest in either or both services for your child! You can also click forms – CentralReach to get started.

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